Here we are, on Forced Holiday Time, it is very important that you make the most of this time to relax and forget your normal everyday activities,you need to change the chip,if you are  on this forced upon us holiday time but are full of worry you might as well give in to full time negativity, just try to relax a little and step out of the box, thinking of you and only you.

There are lots of things we can do, to get us into this relaxed forced holiday time !

night relaxation 3

Lets take some examples,give yourself the full SPA treatment,this can be very relaxing,the secret is to change your everyday boredom for a minimum of 3 days even though you are at home, the first job is to make your bedroom and bathroom the most attractive you can,dress your bed in the best bed linen you have,big fluffy pillows (just like your favourite or favourite hotel) fresh flowers(where possible, garden flowers are fine),scented candles set your scene as best you can, open your windows wide and let the fresh air in, take your breakfast back to bed with you, enjoy it and relax,listen to music and let your mind drift away and plan your SPA day. Prepare your bathroom, light the candles and run a lovely deep bath,fill with bubbles and soak away,a great home made exfolliator can be made with honey and sugar,you really will feel the difference on your skin,the SPA touch, and finish with cool cucumber over the eyes and just relax,if you have a partner to enjoy this with then great your next step has to be a special SPA massage,if not you just continue to pamper yourself ……………………………………………………………………….and enjoy every second another important point is to disconnect all phones, your on you time  remember.


If you want to be more active,than do an activity that you can do within your home, exercise is always good for you and beneficial for you health and body,the secret is to do things that you always say you never have time for,now is the time you just have to remember everything that normally you feel you are missing, make a plan and stick to it, just because you are at home,think holiday mood, lots of people tell me they would love to meditate,but find that there daily lives just don’t allow them to do it, always something to do, and even if they catch a little time,they can’t switch of to be able to meditate,now is that time,and you will find that later you will be able to incorporate it into your daily live without further problems.Whatever is on your wish list, take the opportunity if you are holidaying at home, and if you can really go inside your inner self  Bon Voyage, the one thing we all always want is more time for ourselves, don’t let this opportunity pass you by………………………………………


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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