Do you ever feel inferior, or do you have to keep company with people who make you feel inferior or worst still your friends ? or should I say “try”………..because as the quote states, they need your consent, however we all know people, who maybe want to talk over you when you are speaking, or who always want to be the center of attention or attempt to be more knowledgeable than you while discussing certain topics  or want to some how compete on all levels with you, which can at times become compulsive, do you know someone like this ? If you do who do you think feels inferior you or the other person ? They may even try to be you in every way, they do the things you do, they dress like you, they try to act,talk and be you. Some of these kind of people will even try to take your place within your working or even family unit, they really want to be you, so patience is needed by you, however if they are toxic to you or your surroundings you have to remove them from your life for the good of everyone concerned. 

I would say that the other person is showing all the signs of feeling inferior to you, so try not to show your anger or frustration on this other person even though it can be very difficult for you, as inferiority can also be shown in Jealousy and this can be a difficult one to handle !!


These can be times when we are pushed to our limits, but forward is always the way as you already know, you cannot let people like this hold you back, you know what is best for you and your surrounding, if you look inwards for guidance, your inner power, your intuition will help and guide you, but you have to be prepared to listen, follow through and act accordingly. 

Brooke – Universal Coach

2 Comments on “INFERIOR………………………….WHO ME ?

  1. Beautifully said. It can be so hard to be stoic in these situations, but if we can hold out, and listen to our intuition, we’ll be better off. 🙂


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