Choose a vocation you are passionate about and enjoy working in,confidence in your vision is crucial, which will be a key to your success, try to stay focused on the present, trust your instincts and always allow yourself time to think,you can set achievable personal goals from the beginning and always learn as you go from co.workers and those around you.

Believe in your vision

Punctuality and organisation are extremely important, try to arrive early to your work place, it’s valuable time to breath and collect your thoughts. remember you can only do one thing at a time and becomes very stressful if you try to do more. When you are confident, it breeds confidence in those around you. Failure is not appealing to anymore, but most creative people feel this once in a while, don’t worry about the unfairness of others, just take it and go away rethink and start again.

confidence 2

Never let negative thoughts creeping, get them out of the way as quick as you can, worrying is a bad habit and takes your energy, which you need for positive things. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, the worst thing that can happen is that the answer could be no, and that is just two letters, one word, nothing to worry about. Life is a challenge, and at times if you can stand back it often helps to see things in proportion. it is also important to try and surround yourself with happy positive people,never be afraid of who you are, it is important that you are comfortable in your own skin, understand yourself and pull strength from that.Remember to always live life in the present and keep moving forward, believing in yourself is as important as people believing in you to.


Believe in yourself

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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