When was the last time, you enjoyed a bath, full to the brim and just for you and your spoil time…………..if the answer was never, prepare yourself, because you have to try this, we all have such busy days, the days turn into weeks, weeks to months and wow the year is half way through, we all jump into the shower, jump out and away we go, well, every once in a while, you really must change that routine and spoil yourself.

images (3) old bath tub

There is nothing better than a good soak in the bath tub for a complete feeling of relaxation and renovation, since the original invention of the bath tub, it is known for purification regeneration and even meditatation.

Hoping you have a bath tub in your home, prepare the tub with hot water, a temperature you can support happily , put in a handful of marine salt and drops of aromatic essential oil, maybe rosemary or lemon (or your favourite) 

images (3) Bath tub

One of the secrets to totally making the best of this,” you time” and to obtain maximum enjoyment, it all starts with the preparation, setting the mood, you should undress as if each layer you remove, is the removal of any daily pressure you have experienced that day, peel it away, each garment makes you feel lighter and more relaxed, as you enter the bath tub, do so slowly, allowing yourself to feel all the sensations you feel as the water has contact with your skin, enjoy this, don’t rush, it’s all part of the whole relaxation you are seeking, allow your senses to take in the aroma of your oils, candles can also help if you enjoy them, the soft light will only help the relaxation and of course if you can add a little soft music, then all your senses will enjoy “this you time” and I am sure it may become a date with yourself in the future. Make the decision to leave all the stress of your day in the water and leave totally renovated.

Enjoy !!




5 Comments on “BATH TIME PLEASURE…….

  1. Oh-I miss baths! I have a huge marble tub but there’s something wrong with the pipes and it won’t fill the tub even a quarter of the way. Boo. But you’re so right, bath time is heaven!


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