The power of your mind could be one of the things you need to get you through this economic crisis the world is going through today, your mind is your lucky charm.

The world is going through times that have not been seen since the last World War, you need to be positive, generate hope and optimism enough for your mind to get through these times, have enough personal resistance and ability to get past these difficult periods.

You will have heard about psychological social stress’, what we call adversaries,problems,bad luck etc., to be able to cope with these situations in all walks of life we all use are own strategies, thoughts and attitudes,our mental capacities and physical form .

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However, the most important factor is how we receive these problems,each person is different whether it be a resistant personality or a weak personality.

There are many types of social stress, family stress,having the ability to understand all the problems related to the home,matrimonial problems,problems with parents,siblings and children.Social stress related to friends, neighbours and people we generally deal with on a day-to-day basis.Educational stress,conflicts and problems related to our educational environment being with children, teachers, parents and class mates,within the family regarding grade results,discipline,bullying etc.,Work stress,caused by unemployment,stress in the work place with colleagues or your boss.Stress can also be caused by how you treat yourself ,problems with your partner, financial problems etc.,we also have to deal  with illness,loss of our loved ones,loss of our homes.

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The most important thing here, is how you let these stress points impact on our lives…..again we must remember that everyone is different and everyone’s world turns in different ways, they can affect our interior balance, our family life our professional lives everything is changed  and you have to find the balance you need to get through these times. Never let things slide, try to take control as soon as possible,this is harder at times , than we think, it is not always easy to control a uncontrolable situation, if you are unemployed it’s not always as easy as just taking another job, this in time will lead to problems at home and maybe even a loss of your home, it’s like joining a hamster on his ferris wheel, the secret  try to take each day as it comes and except your situation, this does’ not mean,to give in and go with the flow,it is acceptance of your new situation by doing this you will find that your mind will be more open to finding your way out, when you stay in your old mind-set and refuse to accept this new way, you are blocking your mind and not letting the new ideas and solutions to flow.You need to be open-minded and try to find new ways to create an income and keep going, everything finally ends,this has and still is a big world crisis, but, we can all get through it when we face it head on with a calm approach, the more nervous we become the more blocked we are,this is not something you can achieve overnight,but it can be done, your mind is your most powerful tool you possess,use it well and let it guide you in the right direction

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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