Spring – is one of the four seasons, after the winter time and before the summer time, The spring time starts with the equinoctial 20/21 of March, our days become longer with light and the days slowly but progressively build up the warmth, we start to see a wonderful transformation in our surroundings, the bare trees and bushes go from stark branches into buds, unveiling leaves and beautiful flowers, they all start to appear around us whereever we go, the perfume of nature is in the air. Spring makes us think of renovation,we start to change our wardrobe,we do work on the outside of our homes,bringing a new spurt of life, inside and out, colour becomes vibrant and starts to play a major part in our lives, we get the SPRING in our step and we start our outdoor activities with a new boost of energy, the dark winter starts to fade away, and we embrace this new season, a picnic in the park, walks in the forest or coast the sharp cold wind, gives room to a warmer breeze and we feel good, this season always helps to recharge our batteries, we start to look around us and enjoy what we see, we become more in tune with ourselves, we also start to look forward to the short Easter break, although this commemorates  the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we enjoy family get togethers, and short vacations.

Spring Easter background with beautiful yellow daffodils

Easter always falls on the first full moon after the spring equinox. Easter and the easter egg dates back to the 19th century, Easter is a religious holiday but the customs of the egg may even go back as far as pagan times, In 1700 it is thought that German immigrants took this custom with them to America and spread across the world from there, the decoration of the eggs maybe originated from the period of fasting and celebrated the end of the fast with eggs,decorated for the occasion. The Bunny Rabbit however came later associated more with the spring time, known as prolific procreators the symbol of fertility and new life, becoming a traditional easter symbol, eggs, rabbits and spring time……………..enjoy.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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