The first rule we cross here is that if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love some one else, we find all the faults we can with ourselves,and then do the same with our loved one, therefore we make this conditional love, not true unconditional love.Oneof the first things we must do is acceptance, of who we are, no one is perfect !!! not even you, so when we learn to accept who we are and love ourselves for being different we have started to work on our own worth,we all have something special about ourselves, that’s why we are all different, imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same. We can have similar likes and dislikes to others, but when we label ourselves as bad, then we are going the wrong way, this could be from our past, if we have been told in the past that we are bad, or bad at something, you have come to believe this and you judge yourself, we do not always do the same thing in the same way every time, so what’s different about this, we change, we grow, we are not who we were as children or teenages,we also change depending who is around us, you need to be with people who let you know what you are good at, people who make you feel good about yourself,and most importantly that you feel good about yourself and accept who you.

love yourself 2

You can also help yourself with your most powerful tool, your mind and your imagination, visualize who you want to be, see yourself as you are, accepting every thing about yourself and your abilities, many of us are impatient and do not give ourselves the opportunity to learn new things about ourselves and put them into practise, we also have difficulty in accepting compliments and letting good things into our lifes, we feel we do not deserve things, we deserve everything wonderful life has to offer and there is no reason at all, anywhere that states differently we are unique human beings who accept who we are and therefore deserve everything life has to offer. Generally we go about life supporting others in one shape or form, but, when we start to also support ourselves by asking for help when needed,it is showing you have strength and are strong enough to ask for it,we are caring for ourselves and this shows that we love ourselves, when we help others we show that we care and love them, so what’s wrong with applying the same to ourselves. When we are super self-sufficient we really are just creating anxiety and pressure, because at some point we will come across things that we cannot handle alone, so we also add frustration to our list which will probably turn to anger and then we are not nice people to be around, a helping hand is always something to be grateful for, whether it be emotional or physical, it is not always about giving we can also take from time to time,and show yourself that you love yourself as well.

love yourself 1
Never forget yourself,start to love yourself today, this will form a habit, the same habit you acquired when you decided to be unsatisfied with everything you did before,you your mind and body are the greatest gift you have for life,nurture,grow and enjoy everyday,and don’t forget that everyday is a new day,a new chance,a new opportunity for you.

self love 1000


Brooke Universal Life Coach


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