I recently received an email regarding the fears we feel and the question was how to deal with it, there is no easy straight forward answer to this as we are all different and as mentioned in previous posts everyone deals with things in their own way within the world they have created around them.

fear and anxiety 3

I say the world they have created, as I truly believe that we do have a great deal to do with, our own world…..if we see our lives from birth as a voyage, we all travel in a boat that is going to sink, so by negative thoughts we will only bring forth those negative events, we obviously do not think of the day the boat goes down, we know that we are born and one day we die, this is the circle of life, that we accept, generally speaking. However when we let fear into our lives in any shape or form we are allowing our lives to be governed by negativity,if we live in fear we are never free, we never have the freedom we need to live our lives on our real terms, our attitude,personality and growth will all be restricted.

fear and anxiety 2

Real growth comes from taking chances, chances in life that only present themselves once, they are steps on a ladder that lead to our freedom, if we are afraid to take those steps, we do not move forward we become stagnant, not all the steps you take have a guaranteed satisfaction certificate with it, but if you do not reach the point you desired, you will have learned something and therefore obtained personal growth,experience, the experience of life…… fear will hold you back. You can take any situation, as fear can come in many shapes and sizes and circumstances,it can appear in your everyday life in the form of confidence, it can be a broken heart and the fear of it happening again, it can be a safety fear, if you don’t live your everyday life on your terms you will never be content, even from a broken heart you achieve personal growth and if you have a safety fear you will never do anything for the fear of what may never happen.,you will have missed out on so much that life has to offer. Accept your past or present situation and forgive yourself or others and move on, everyday counts,cherish your time, it’s yours,no money in the world can buy it,this is not a material gain, it is something that you owe to yourself,every moment should be made the most of and enjoyed.

fears butterfly

When we relinquish fear and take it out of the equation your whole life opens up to you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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