Be positive, because who and how you see yourself, so does everyone else !!!!!

Does this sound familiar, “Everything I do, goes wrong” “I am so unlucky” “Why is it always me”, if you say this to yourself most days or even just a few, you have to forget them for ever, take them from your vocabulary….never to be mentioned again !!! Cheer up and be happy and you will see how things change, you may think this sounds very (from your last selfhelp book) well it’s not a magic overnight remedy but it can work for you, if we take from the Law of Attraction that everything we do and say is energy, it is better to give out positive energy and in turn recieve positive energy than anything slightly negative, you see if you are convinced the everything you do goes wrong, then everything will, remember be careful what you wish for, you see how it works, in simple terms thats it, but why is it that we truly believe the bad things, but struggle with believing that good things come to us in exactly the same way,

attitude LLL

Have you ever started your day, in the wrong way, maybe the coffee goes on your nice clean shirt, then the car won’t start etc etc.., probaly if this was the case, you would of started to built up your anxiety levels (stress) and you yourself actually take it into your whole day,so, yes everything does go wrong because you’ve already decided that yourself, all on your own, it had nothing to do with anything or anyone else, we allow the whole thing to snowball out of control. Now, never forget you are in control of yourself, nobody else, so the next time your day starts that way, give yourself a break, laugh it of, or just sit for a second take a deep breath and start again,wipe the slate clean,think of something funny, and start again, you still have the possibility of having a great day,I say possibility because it is only down to you, your control and attitude decides how  you go about your day, your life, the energy you give out is the energy you get back. You can prove this to yourself, think , if someone is polite to you, you are polite back…if someone is angry with you, you will be angry back,on the defensive, ready for there next move, if you fall,scratch the car, you might just say “Why does this always happen to me ” the next time think….it’s happened, you can’t change it, so let it go, don’t let it upset your whole day just sort it and carry on, life is full of little bumps in the road, some bigger than others,but the sooner we put the right attitude behind them, the quicker they are solved or on there way to being, nobody has a problem free life,but some people have the right attitude and they tend to look as though they sail through life ,this is not the case, but they hold the right attitude and see things with far more clarity and never allow themselves to let a snowball appear before them. So, remember to take good positive energy with you everyday, and when things go wrong as they sometimes do, take control, breath deep and keep moving forward.Happy Happy Happy

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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