Do we recognise when we hit a crossroads in our life, does it jump out at you, or does it take a little longer for things to sink in, and you actually realise at which point you are at, maybe even which crossroad, major or minor. We face all types during our life time, and handle them all in different ways, there are two types, one being emotional and the other not, when we are not emotionally involved, we tend to work through them in a different way, practicality comes in and we work to a strategic plan avoiding the pot holes and finally crossing the hurdles or in this case crossroads.

Be in love with your life

However when we are emotionally entangled we some times do not see the wood for the trees, the damage that is caused and the unrepairable road we leave behind, do we ever recover from a broken heart for example, i think not, but I do think that if we can learn to accept the broken heart, it maybe can’t break anymore, if we accept the crossroads put before us, we are not fighting it, we are not looking  for a different route to avoid the pot hole, the pot hole is there so except that fact,the time we give to the pot hole is time lost, when you accept, you are able to reconstruct your life again, you find your new path and maybe even your calling, maybe the pot hole had previously held you back from being who you really wanted to be, maybe our old believes are turned into new ones, we need to change our standing point and even maybe a new life, you are released of that heavy load, and realise that you are important, it is now your turn to be put first, until we hit the pot hole we are not conscious of our own importance,

29 day positive 1

We totally focus on the welfare of others, and forget to nurture and love ourselves, so the change is at times even harder,but well worth the journey to  finding the acceptance, we can choose to suffer forever, or take your acceptance and move on in your life, this is your worth, you are a valuable person and it is important that you value yourself in this way. Every crossroad that life brings you is unpleasant,ugly,painful and traumatic, but your strength of value will see you through,what we do not always acknowledge is that our thoughts can sabotage our every day living,but our thoughts can also take us from sadness to happiness.   So if you feel that you are at the bottom of that pot hole or looking down on your crossroad,take a step back, breath deep and separate your emotion, do not replace it with anger or frustration (blaming others is not the solution) take control, pick up all the little pieces that you think you are in and accept that this is the way it is now, the value you give yourself will give you the strength to move forward and take with both hands the opportunities that life will offer you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed.

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