Friendship, what does this word mean to you ? Does

it fill you with happiness and lovely memories of now and maybe times gone by, or does it fill you with sadness and betrayal. Friendship can cover so many people and experiences in our life, good, bad and indifferent, friendship comes in all shapes and sizes, and if we are aware of these shapes and sizes, we have it covered……

But, sadly, not all of us know the rules !! or are not corresponded in the friendship way, during our life we have many friends, work friends, leisure/hobby friends, school friends, social friends the list can go on and on,then we have one or two special friends, this is not always a life long friendship, you could meet someone today, and for what ever reason a friendship begins and will   last a life time. So, what are those deciding factors ? that make a friendship, the friendship ! First, always remember that we are all different and unique, so nothing is set in stone here, it’s what works for you and the friend, however, Loyalty should be high on your list, will this friend be loyal to you always? they may think different to you, but is the loyalty strong, would they support you in any decision you make ? would they betray your loyalty to a third person ? can you trust them with anything that affects you directly ? if you hesitate to answering any of these questions, then your intuition is telling you the correct answer. 

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, and trust to easily or are over-cautious, both can be a problem. Do you find the whole friendship theme difficult ? due to past experiences or do you trust your friend with anything regarding you and your life. Also, maybe you have the best friend in the world, but keep things back from them, that only you share with yourself.



Brooke Universal Life Coach



7 Comments on “FRIENDSHIP……………………..

  1. Friendship is the relationship with that person who accepts you for who you are; faults, weaknesses, and strengths. That person that you can disagree with and you are still friends. That person that you can share anything with or not. That person that is honest with you while still being supportive. That person that will be loyal but not lose their integrity. That person that you would not ask to sacrifice their integrity if what you are doing is wrong. That person is a real, and true friend. And, if you haven’t spoken in years, you can call today and it’s like you just spoke yesterday.

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  2. Amistad! claro que me llena de felicidad!
    Por supuesto, hay diferente amistades, pero existe la amistad que no se destruye con la persona especial, con quien somos fieles, leales y de gran confianza. Si un día, hay un malentendido entre estas dos personas, encontraran las palabras para resolver el problema, puede pasar, es dos personas con sentimientos, con muchas sensibilidades, dos personas humanas… Este tipo de amistad es más fuerte que todo, resolve juntas todo que se presenta y sigaran juntas por los buenos y malos momentos como siempre… Go go mano a mano, si te caes estoy aquí por ti, si me cae estas por mi. Por mi es esto la AMISTAD y por los buenos momentos de reír y de vivir una grande felicidad.


    • Esto es verdad, y estoy contigo, pero a veces la amistad pasa la linea de confianza y esto llega esta un poco como un insulto la intelligencia y decisiones de otros, la amistad tambien es respectar cualquier decision de la otra persona


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