Big apologises to you all, it was brought to my attention yesterday, that I had not officially informed you all of our new YouTube Channel . this is in connection with my business partner Adda Harfborg,in the company we have formed, The Umbrella of Success, we do have a f/b page https://m.facebookcom/EducationalLOA, which I know many of you are following, you are very welcome to join us, we would love to see you and have your input, we are in for a very exciting year this year, with lots of new events, and one of them has been our You Tube Channel, I personally would love you to pop over and subscribe, I am sure you will be interested in the topics we discuss………we already have a good selection of videos for you to view. I really hope you decide to join us and I look forward to sharing great things with you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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