Listening to music is known to be one of the most uplifting things we can to, if you want to change your mood in seconds Music is your answer,who does not have some kind of artefact to produce music where ever you are, if you listen to your old favourites it can even make you feel younger,the image of days gone may  bring back beautiful memories, the energy you felt at that time,will make you feel like you did then, how great is that,if you are out walking with music you will find that you walk differently,there will be a little extra spring in your step,your head will be better positioned and if you add a swing to your arms and really get into the music you are listening to you will feel really relaxed and happy,working out is also great with music you get that extra bounce and much more enjoyment, if you don’t always feel like doing your exercise routine,the music gets your feet going straight away.


Even if you are at home, listening to music will give you that uplift you are looking for,or,will fill you with inner peace and calmness you may be seeking,even if you are cleaning,add the music,cleaning will never be the same,turn your chores into a fun moment and at the same time you will benefit from the relaxing sensation you will achieve.

music saturday

Music can also be a great companion when you go to bed at night, obviously the music has to be quiet and relaxing, if you have had a stressfull day when you first get into bed, for a few seconds, release the tension in your shoulders and hands,relax your jaw, you will feel your shoulders drop and your body sink into the bed,breath out loudly,do this two or three times,then just lie back,listen to your music and have the best night’s sleep you can imagine !!


Sweet Dreams………………………………….

Brooke Universal Life Coach




7 Comments on “MUSIC, MUSIC AND MORE MUSIC…………

  1. Absolutely — music can soothe you soul or uplift your mood. Especially songs you know well from your past. These usually come with good memories, nostalgia and a smile about the good old days. At night, if your stressed and unable to sleep try the soothing sounds of nature. My favorite is the light sounds of falling rain. Maybe with a far echo of thunder moving away. The storms gone now — sleep tight!

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