What is on your mind ? because exactly what it is, is what you are going get…… Many people don’t realise that this is how the Law of Attraction works, many think that unless you sit and think,visualise and feel the experience you are not applying the Law of Attraction, the Law of Attraction is actually at work all the time, every time you are having a conversation with yourself, which we all do, you are actually having a conversation with the universe……. it really is that easy, BUT you have to be aware of the first line I wrote, what you are thinking is what you get, so if you pass the majority of your day complaining about your situation, surroundings and people you care for or not,your health etc., that is exactly what you will get, more of the same, many people struggle with the Law of Attraction, this can be for many reasons, maybe one of the biggest problems are believe!!!! obvious really if you don’t believe you don’t get, just more unbelieving…. a simple way to see this, is by observing people you know or maybe don’t know, but have done well in life, and maybe have all the things you would like and desire, the life style would suit you fine, this person will be full of self-confidence, believe one hundred percent in themselves and can do and take on anything, without a single doubt in their minds, now with the same interest think of all the people you know who have nothing they want , do they complain a lot? are they always ill? do they talk about their friends and families in a bad way ? they will lack confidence in themselves (look deep and you will see it) and they certainly will not believe in themselves or maybe anyone, so they get the same as they think, everything in negativity…. this is a simple way to see how it works, many people are not aware of the Law of Attraction, they are just generally positive people, and see things in that way, so that’s what they get back, it can even be some one that is not a nice person, the Law of Attraction is not about good and bad, it’s the way you think about what you want , in a positive way with positive results or negative thoughts with negative results. You have to see that everything in your life is energy, you create it, and you attract it.

Law of attraction - surrender the universe has your backLaw of attraction - take action

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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