This is a difficult question……… do we see ourselves as we really are or do we just see ourselves as we want to ? You will have a rough idea that will include your beliefs and how you see the world in general, how we see ourselves has a very powerful influence it is with us at all times, day and night, it will dictate to you  how you present yourself in general and to the world, it will dictate how you do things. it will influence the kind of people you interact with and the way they treat you.

treatyourself 4


This is when we take on the challenge to change, it can be difficult at times, because what you do and who your are till now has always been that way, so you are changing a life time of experiences and emotions, but it does give you the opportunity to find and see who you really are, not what you maybe have been until now, a good way to see this is by writing down who you think you are, just write I am…… and start to write everything that comes into your mind regarding yourself, there will be things you love and there will be things you hate, but if you really want to see who you are, you have to be honest with yourself, don’t forget nobody else is going to see this piece of paper, it’s between you and your inner self, as you re-read this, start to cross away what you don’t like and write them again on a seperate sheet, remember to write what you are good at, what you think of  your body,health,being, your strengths and weakness and most importantly write door what you would really like to be and what is keeping you from doing so, when you have your two seperate lists you can then start to work on changing the things you don’t like and don’t truly feel represent you, and that are not projecting you how you want to be seen and are. It’s your opportunity to bring the true you into your life,

” You take yourself with you where ever you go “

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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