How often have you heard “you are as old as you feel” not sure if that is a good saying or not, we all hold a secret fear of that typical topic, growing old, we think it is never going to happen,it’s years away, if you remembr going through your school years it probably feels that it took for ever, but then suddenly those years have gone, you start your true adult life,and it seems to fly by,you blink and it’s gone, more so i think if you have children, they have a terrible habit of growing up,and even worse they have children of there own, and there you are playing grandma or grandad, I’m joking here it is the biggest honor to bring children into the world,watch them make their path in life and to start the cicle again with there own children, if you have this situation you will know how rewarding this experience can be, and nothing in this universe can compete with that…………………..but, for all this to happen years have to pass, some like to grow old graciously, but others have a big up hill climb and struggle with the  ageing process,so why is this, its normal and a natural process of living, you need to be comfortable with yourself,with who you were and still are,accept the differences that occur over the years,it’s not all bad, each age gives different things and experiences. 

agelesshappiness 1


If you don’t grow old…….your dead !! If you don’t accept this and try to be twentyone all your life,you are going to be very unhappy,growing older can be a beautiful process if you accept all that it brings, the good, the bad and the indifferent, the society that we live in today is eternally seeking “eternal youth” why whats wrong with being mature, you feel more sure of yourself,you have experience and carry yourself in a far more positive way than you did at twentyone,thats where the other popular saying of “If i knew then,what I know now ” ………..How true is that, can you imagine, the secret here is to take the positive side of this,and now use that experience in everything you do, you don’t have to be twentyone, You need to love each part of your life, in different and in different ways, what you need to do is love yourself at all times, never stop loving yourself, you are still the same person and eventually we all have to go through this, don’t let fear of the unknown get to you, anxiety is a terrible thing, Caring and loving yourself at all times helps us to accept the changes we experience as we grow older, if we only focus on old age and illness, maybe that is exactly what we will get, becoming older does not have to associate with illness,don’t forget that disease is also known as dis-ease a body that is not at ease,these thoughts will only bring this to us,one of the wonderful things available to us today is information, we can keep ourselves healthy by eating well,taking care of ourselves,exercise there is so much we can do, so, don’t wait start now,it’s all part of loving yourself,care for yourself in the same way you do your love one’s.

age is no barrier

Remember to, that the mind also plays a very important part in this process, 35 is not middle aged these days, women are having their first baby in their 40’s,my grandparents would be without words, I remember them being older figures for ever, they died younger also, now we have our minds wide open, anything is possible, we see people with successful internet careers at 80 people in there so called golden years, travel all over the world, they start new interests, they are not afraid of age,years just give us more time to do everything we want to do, to accomplish . It is important that you do not condition your mind to old age,but gradually accept the passing of the years, don’t put yourself on a time clock, just take each day as it comes and enjoy every minute, care for yourself care for your happy future, getting older does not mean illness, hospital visits and medication .What we believe,what we think about ourselves is what we become,love yourself always and those around you will feel the love of life.

ageless heart

Brooke, Universal Life Coach



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