Do you ever feel confused, when people talk to you about setting goals, do you ever think that you want so many things you do not know what to work on or ask for first, don’t worry many people feel this way, but, I have a little tip for you regarding this, take a pen and paper and write down all the things you would like to have in your life, the type of people, work, surroundings, how you would like to feel what emotions would arise if you accomplished some or all of your wishes. The fact you are writing them down means you don’t leave anything out, you don’t have to number them, and the message is transmitted much stronger by the fact you have written what you want and what you feel and will feel when you realise these things. Remember that it is important to be happy in the life you are creating. 

goal 1

Nobody has a perfect life, no matter what they tell you or what you see, everybody has their own problems, big or small, rich or poor, at times some people know how to deal with problems in a better way, which makes it look more of a perfect way, what you have to remember is that you are creating a life that feels good on the inside, that you feel good about your self and your loved one’s, and not one that just looks good on the outside ! One of the biggest mistakes many people make is by staying and living in the past, you are not a prisoner of your past life, no matter what you think, this was just a lesson in life to learn from, not a life sentence.

Life is always what you make it, it will not be perfect, perfect would be boring!! just really make it fun, laughter things you will remember for ever and a day, it is not only young people who do exciting wild things, any age is acceptable for a happy life, we are all entitled, make it count and don’t allow anyone to get in the way of your pathway to happiness.For those of you, who are still waiting for your Prince Charming or Princess to enter your life, remember that one day – someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else, all good things are worth waiting for, what ever it may be. 

goal 2

If you take the statement above, you can see the importance of a letter, write to yourself or address it directly to the universe, Imagine your life is exactly how you want it in every respect, what would it look like ? …..Can you see it, and  feel the way you would feel…………….you are the only one, who can set this in motion and the only one who can block, so what choice are you going to make today…………….

goal 4


Brooke Universal Coach


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