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Do you believe your soul mate will appear in your life, or do you panic at the thought of it never happening, or do make the wrong choice, time and time again, do you know what you are looking for, or do you just have an idea of what might be right for you, your soul mate is like anything else in your life, you have to know what you want, you have to clarify each little detail in your mind, when you meet your soul mate you feel a sense of security and comfort when you are with them, there will be no unease or uncomfortable situation, you will oversee the flaws that the person has, you will grow accustomed to them and it will not bother you anymore, no one is perfect and learning to over look the flaws will come naturally to you. The feeling you will experience, will be somewhat difficult for you to explain, it is feelings that are very deep and profound within, you will acquire a high understanding with that person, at times to express yourself it will not be necessary for you to speak, you will have the ability to communicate with each other without saying a word, when you meet your soul mate the relationship will be intense and full of passion, your relationship will have positive and negative moments, but the negative moments will be easier to overcome due to the positive/good memories you have formed with each other. As time goes on, and negative situations come into your life, you will find that you become a team and you will hold together against the world, it is even possible at times that some couples will hold a psychic connection a quality at times, that we find in twins, thinking and interacting at the same time, this does not always happen, but it is not impossible, you may even feel that you have met in a previous life, a little deja vu, that you have been together for ever.

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A soul mate will be a difficult partner to leave, should you ever make that decision, but not impossible, people like to say that they complete you and your life, I do not like this thought, I think we are all entitled to find our soul mate, but we should also always be ourselves and maintain our identity at all times, we should live for ourselves and allow others in as we choose, it is never good to be independent on our partner or them on us. This does not mean we cannot share a long and lasting relationship, of course we can, but we should never lose sight of who we are.

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Brooke Universal Coach

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