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What we think is what we get, right, we have gone ever this theory a thousand times, however, we could still do another thousand…. until everyone totally understands about how are thoughts create our reality. We also know that holding on to old beliefs will interfere with our success also, no matter what we want.

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May I add, wealth and anything we desire is all about our mindset…so although we are presently referring to Wealth, you can apply this to anything you wish to have in your life, your goals, what you  want to create. You may find that things are happening for you, you are progressing in the right direction, that the universe is working with you, then suddenly things stop, the universe has not forsaken you,your personal block this time, is you think you have reached your limit, also known as the glass ceiling, you have made money and you hit a block, I know this sounds very simple, and it is, but think about it, did you ever think or say, if I could get to this point, I would be more than happy, I will have done so well ?


This is not suggesting that you should be greedy, this is trying to help you see your potential, take that ceiling down, stop giving yourself limitations. When you realise this, it will prove to you that making wealth ( or the desire of your choice) is all in your mind. You cannot skip around this limitation you have forced on yourself, especially if you are following your passion, you are excited and proud of where you have arrived your business is booming ? or on the point of taking of, but if your stuck at that level, you are knocking on your ceiling! Your income can still rise, and you can reach your next goal, the only thing that is stopping you is your mind, you have to let your mind into the big secret, there is no law which stops you from making money, or how much (as long as it is legal!!) It is important for you to get past this point you have to see it is all in the mind, your will to get what you want and the limitations you place on yourself. Nobody is sat on your shoulder telling you “Stop” no more for you. So, you need to go and look into the mirror, stare your limitation right in the eye, see that it is there and ask it to kindly leave and know that no one can tell you where your limitation stops., set yourself free and keep going, this will get you back on your success track.

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Don’t forget the basics can apply to what ever you wish to manifest in your life, more tomorrow.


Brooke Universal Life Coach






  1. Wise words. Sometimes we set those limitations ourselves, and sometimes we allow others to dictate them on a very deep level. That’s a tough one to overcome as well.


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