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Concentration is when we have the ability to concentrate on a specific area or part of our life, if it is regarding our body, you will dramatically enhance the quality of your movements, when you start to learn an exercise like yoga Pilates tai chi, your concentration is required and with that will come the fluid movements, it requires your attention to ensure that the areas in question  are working correctly. 

Generally when we move, we do it without thinking,we have an image formed in our brain and the body follows and executes the image we hold, there is a lot of difference between something you are learning and what we do everyday, when we read the morning paper and drink our coffee, do you always look when lifting the cup, however when a doctor is operating, an operation he maybe does everyday, he will be looking at all times as to what he is doing, here you can see the difference in concentration. 

concentration 2

When we are mindful of our movement, we employ the brain and the body to work harmoniously and effectively.

concentration 3


For some, concentration does not come easy, you need to work at it, to obtain what you want in your life, concentration is one of the key players. 




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