Good night, sleep tight……how many of you wish just for that, many sleep badly and this interferes with our whole day, when we sleep we store melatonin, a hormone which can help to  send depression away. 

Do you know how many hours you need of sleep ? They say the ideal time is 8 hours, but you may need 7 or 9 , you need to find out your needs. Go to bed with time to discover this , the ideal situation is that you wake before your alarm call, various days in a row, respecting everyday your time.

Disconnect to reconnect, reserve half an hour before you go to bed to start to relax, disconnect from work, computers, tv, mobile etc., maybe take a bath listen to music, let your body know its time to rest.

Try to go to sleep before midnight, Any hour before midnight that you sleep are known to be the most beneficial, which is why it is better to sleep before this time.

Reduce the blue light from screens,this light makes it difficult to produce melatonin and will stimulate brain activity. Turn mobile phones and computers down or use filters for this kind of light.  

Switch of your wi-fi and phones or leave them at least 2 meters from where you sleep, the electromagnetic range they have do not allow you to reach the deep phases of your sleep.

Try to sleep in complete darkness, close shutters and curtains well, complete darkness helps the production of melatonin.



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5 Comments on “SLEEP WELL – BE HAPPY !!…………………

  1. Love this post, I have to really learn to disconnect from reality at night!


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