Although we have all created comfortable surroundings where we live, our towns with high-rise buildings and sub-ways, our central heating and the latest technology, we really should take the time to spend long periods in the fresh air, when we reach the beach or the country side we can observe the beauty of the scene and start to distance ourselves from the tarmac and noise of our busy life. We feel the earth beneath our feet and start to reconnect with nature and allow the vibration of city life to leave us and to enjoy where we are. 

We can sense the natural surroundings we are in, and activate them slowly to appreciate them as we should, close your eyes and listen, what do you hear ? the birds, the breeze rustling the leaves in a tree, the ocean waves roaring or rippling, your steps as you move, what do you smell? the sea, the woodland nature at its best, the earth, when you open your eyes what do you see ? look around you and take in the beautiful view, we all become one.


When we are at one with nature, we find a new respect, with every connection of living things, all belonging to the same family, this fills us with security and confidence, the harmony in this environment allows you to expand your lungs, filling you with oxygen and vitality throughout your body. If we look towards the horizon and set our view on a point it will allow us to contemplate, living in the moment of quietness and serenity. 

When you live in harmony we look to Mother nature without judgement, we do not compare good with bad as we do with our fellow humans, we just see all the splendor and perfection that is hidden in all corners. We are on these days capable of climbing to the highest point, looking around and with all our heart, think and say “This is a great day to start to live the rest of my life” Prepare to enjoy with happiness and joy. 


So, take time, take that break and spend some time with nature, the benefits are remarkable for you and your loved ones. Nature has so much to offer you. 

Brooke, Universal Life Coach



20 Comments on “CONNECT WITH NATURE…

  1. ❤Muy bueno tema, perfecto… La naturaleza nos da mucho…. Devemos cuidarla ! Yo lo se por trabajar cada dia con ella…es agréable de contamplar la 🍀

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  2. Great post. Every time my anxiety has gotten out of control this year, Ive gone to the beach. It immediately resets my mental and spiritual energies. We all come from water, so naturally, humans should embrace the ocean and nature.

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  3. My father used to take us on fishing trips when I was a kid. We’d drive to or fly into remote northern Canadian lakes and spend a weekend or so in nature. There, the air fresh, the smells of the forest, the sounds of the lapping water and the call of the Loons. At night a dome of stars above unencumbered by city lights while we warmed by the outside crackling fire.

    Coming home and soon the smell of the cities and factories accosted our senses and the noise that we left was again intrudingly there. I believe strongly that leaving your modern technologies at home and spending time alone with only a few companions at most, is one of the best ways to re-charge your life batteries.

    As a species, we all came from nature, we all once lived in nature. Going back again now and then to re-live humankind’s original surroundings is to me — like coming home.

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