We are all capable of the art of criticism, some more than others, with a nasty twist at times, but the person that constantly will criticise is actually showing there weaker side, this shows there weakness, when you the reciever come to terms with this and understand this fact, you will deal with criticism in an entirely different way.

The type of person who criticise are people who are afraid of change in there lives,they can be self centered and are trying to control there life style, if people close to them want to change, they see this as a threat to something changing in there relationship with that person or there circumstances,there answer is to be critical, of everything you do. You will sometimes find the most critical people are within your closest circle,friends,family and colleagues, when you make a decision to diet,stop smoking, talk about your beliefs and dreams your abilities to achieve your goals in life, they will laugh,reproach you and criticise, if you change something this could effect them, maybe they have to change, and this is what they are afraid of,so they are showing you there weakness, you are the strong one you hold the strength needed for change, where would our lives and the world be without change. You should not stop your way of life because of critcism,if you have a true mentor beside you, you may recieve constructive criticism,which can only help you and make you stronger, it is not a comment that will make you doubt because the constructive criticism will probaly be followed with a constructive pathway for you to follow and grow stronger, the Universe is always open for people with strength, abilities, talent,always moving forward and when you understand the reason behind the criticism of someone,you will be able to take it and become stronger,people always need to follow people, to follow a leader,this is how the world moves on its journey,so, if you understand criticism as that persons weakness and fear of change, you will feel different ,you can respect that person but it will not effect you on a personal level. So do you have the strength to change things ? And not be influenced by the criticism of others………..

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