We are always talking about what we want, how we feel,our stress levels,so today I want to write about this but from the point of view,of what we do in our home,to set those feelings up,when we start our day,do you have nature in your home? plants purify the air,they humidify the ambience and give us good well being. If you don’t live surrounded by nature,bring that nature to you bring it into your house by placing plants, flowers and herbs, you will quickly see how your health and feeling of well being is rewarded.


When we visit or walk down a street, filled with pretty window boxes, we most instantly stop and admire them,we are attracted to them for there bright colours,or different shades of green or maybe we can smell the beauty before us,and in that moment you feel good,our mood swings and we have a feeling of well being. Modern life sometimes feels as if we are to be deprived of nature and our contact with it. It is said that most of us spend less than one hour a day in the open air, that we are becoming creatures of interiors,how sad is that, interiors that our filled with artificial light and electro magnetic fields for almost twenty three hours a day,…………………………………this may well sound pretty out there,but it is true in many cases. It has been proved that people in hospital, at times have a quicker recovery due to what they can see from there bed, in most cases patients are surrounded by flowers and plants, or they have a window view, where they can see the landscape, maybe there is something in this ? we know that people surrounded by nature have less stress levels and there concentration increases , if you work in an office that has a natural view of plants or pleasant landscape,you will benefit from these factors,so why not enjoy them everyday from your home and obtain the benefits ?  Plants filter the air, they renew the quality of the air, this is usually done during the day time,as they need the natural sun light,but in a hot climate some plants will do this at night.


With the plants in your home the humidity level will be higher and the static electricity lower which is often found in small closed places, this is when you will suffer from nose and throat problems. Its not a case of living in a green house, but a few plants here and there are always welcome, its a living thing that we can care for and watch grow , when you adore the you will have a sensation of well being which effects other parts of our life. To achieve this you will need to pick a placing for your plants with natural light,(Not direct sunlight it will burn them) enough water to allow the soil to be huid, as your plants grow they would love to be placed in a bigger pot and if you clean   the leaves with a damp cloth from time t time you will remove dust and allow them to breath more easily, start your day the right way, no stress,full of well being and admire  the beauty, then take that with you out into your day . 

Brooke Universal Life Coach





8 Comments on “BODY & MIND AT HOME

  1. Beautiful post! πŸ™‚ I love how you have highlighted the importance of greeneries in our lives.


  2. What a beautiful and timely post! Over the weekend we went on a little trip in the mountains because I love the feeling I get when I see the greenery. From my balcony I can see the ocean from a distance and that brings me such peace. During our weekend trip I bought a set of 3 little potted plants and put them on the living room windowsill and look forward to trying to get them to grow (I’m not very good with plants). I also want to have a little indoor herb garden once we redo our kitchen. There is something so grounding and uplifting about the colors of nature. This post gave it all perspective. Hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, I wish you luck with your plants, I have lots of plants and a herb garden, and really big garden, it’s lovely (but a lot of work!) but I enjoy it and does transmit a lot of peace, I’ve recently done a space on my back pagoda for meditation, just need to improve now, as I do struggle a little with it, but the setting is perfect… I’ll keep trying, !!

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      • Thankfully one is a succulent, another a dessert tree and the last will have to hope for the best x)

        I’m sure your meditation space is beautiful and peaceful. πŸ™‚

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