Have you ever thought how all this great modern day tech….. is actually taking us backwards instead of forward, and is having a big effect of our social skills in many areas,the human factor is being totally lost. I am not complaining of the great high tech times we live in, I’m using one of them right now to connect with people, but like all changes, things take on a different path, some good,some not so good,but I feel that the generation coming behind us, could miss out on so many things, I know the saying what you never had you can’t miss I understand all that,and I also understand that we  can now find out about anything you can think of within seconds, thanks to the internet, which is great,but, we miss out on maybe a library visit,rooms and rooms of great interesting books where we had to give an output to get the info, we really did participate and enjoyed the experience, the wonderful smell of knowledge in all those books,


And of course don’t forget the social side, we would meet up with other people,and of course by far the  most important part would be conversation, you know, remember, when people get together and talk,NOT through a key board, actual face to face conversation, maybe a coffee, high tech is great to cover thousands of miles and to reduce our work load, but is’nt it just great with a group of friends and just talk !!!!! The great art of conversation,this is sadly being lost……………….. when we converse with others face to face, we enjoy the body language involved we can observe all those little things we miss out on,we even improve our self confidence, we are not hiding behind a screen and keyboard,we face the conversation and situations front on, again I am not knocking our high tech lifestyle,it is a great tool for shy and timid people,but they will never improve that, because they are not in a face to face situation, I also know it is fabulous for trading and has totally turned around the world of commerce as we know it, so the rule has to be a little of everything.


Another interesting fact is relationships, it is said that 1 out of 3 relationships now begin on the net……..they claim this is due to people not having time to get out there, I am not so sure about that, how much time do you take to sit and survey !!! your perfect partner, It is important and very time consuming, again I am not knocking the system or the people who use it, but what has happened to boy meets girl, in normal situations, the actual excitement, when two people see each other and know there is some kind of connection,they then decide  how they are going to talk and get that connection going, this is all part of those inicial days,the adrenaline the pure excitement when two people meet, the genuine conversation and seduction,the attraction can be felt in the air, can a screen and keyboard really give you this ? So again, you could miss out….. and we totally loose touch with the art of seduction …..so we have no opportunity to show our social skills and personal growth.

When I started this post I mentioned going backwards, I came to this conclusion regarding the general use of our brain, before we would write (meaning manually which could not be corrected with the press of a button) we had to think !!!! we had to know how to compose a letter, a document etc., now again we press a button, the standard of our writing had to be readable,most teenages today have terrible writing skills,puntuation and spelling ………………………………………the art of letter writing have given way to emails even card giving is becoming a thing of the past,sometimes we don’t even physically choose a gift……………so we use our brain less and less, so my main message today would be, yes high tech is great,fantastic and needed, but like everything else that is so good……………………………………………..for you, do it in moderation and don’t let all the great traditions and your brain go backwards and go away for ever.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





4 Comments on “KEEP THE BRAIN GOING …………………………………………………………………….

  1. I couldn’t agree more! The old saying “use it or lose it” also applies to your brain. Science says that our brain needs to learn, needs new challenges and needs to be continuously gathering new information to keep it young, healthy and engaged. Browsing aimlessly on screen or googling for information just doesn’t do it. That’s more, information in – information gone – delete and move on. Book reading however is scientifically proven as one of the best ways to strengthen, even open new neuron pathways in your brain.

    I myself have re-discovered the benefits of my local Library. I urge everyone to do the same. After all, your brain — is you! Dumb it down with repetitive nonsense and you dumb yourself down! So read a book, learn something new and get those neurons firing! Great post theutopiauniverse. Keep them coming!

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