We have talked many times about love, but do we really know the power of the effect of love in our life,our everyday life,every second of the day, it really can be amazing, we very often relate love to our personal relationships,but this is un true, you must never feel that through the lack of a life partner you do not have love directly in your life. Love is around us at all times and it is  a very positive energy, it cannot be seen,but can be felt, it is ever present in our life, and if you don’t feel this love, you probably have a great big bag of negativity on your back.

love your life

Love can be found in every aspect of your daily routine, and its there the second you wake, it may be from your dog,cat…it could be the lovely room you have just slept in or the light shining through your window,these are things that you love,it could even be the fact that your room is nice and warm or cool, they are things you appreciate and love, it could be a picture at the side of your bed,or your young child who comes to say wake up time….you may not want that call but you love them anyway, the fact that we automatically go through our routines we forget the wonderful feeling we can achieve from these varied things, this is a great start to your day, to take that feeling forward with you into your day, and not just take them for granted which most of us do,so you need to be aware of all the love you have around you,especially if you have animals, they are true givers of love,no matter what the circumstances,they don’t care what you look like and they never judge you,if you are an animal lover you will know what I mean, so again don’t take it for granted,because it is so easy to do

you deserve love 3

It is so important that we start our day with happiness and love, without it we would just dry up like a flower without water,if it was not for love, we would not have the life we have today, the roads,buildings,food,clothes,cars,the list is never ending,but what ever you place on your list, was once the love of someone who made,built,constructed etc., even down to our electric,water and telephone it was originally from the love of people who had the inspiration to do and follow through what they loved and love, so you can see that love is in your work place,your social activities,your hobbies, we do the things we love, we wear the clothes we love and we try to work in something that we love, if this is not the case be happy and feel love for the job you do have, the clothes you do have and the home you have, if you love what you have now, you will love what is to come, love can only bring you more love on any scale, love is around us at all times, just feel it, it is there for you without love there is no life.It is an invisible force,your force to be enjoyed in everything you do.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





1 Comment on “LOVE………..DO WE REALLY KNOW WHAT IT CAN GIVE US…………………………………………………………

  1. Que bonito! Totalmente de acuerdo!! Tengo un trabajo que me permite de recibir y dar / dar y recibir, soy con gentes con deficultades sociales y trabajamos en la naturaleza. Es un cambio de amor… la naturaleza nos da tanto y nosotros la cuidamos… La gentes toman valores, alegría, gusto a la vida… vemos animales, que te da un sonrisa… es genial. Es todo positivo. El amor es un hilo conductor, claro que es todo a el rededor de nosotros, es de abrir los ojos, los oídos, y nuestros corazones. Gracias Brooke ❤️

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