January is a fantastic month to set your plan into action for a better year and to enjoy your life, do you now live your life,every minute with great intensity, probaly not,but the big question is why not ? you need and owe it to yourself to live your life to its fullest and enjoy it while doing so. When you go through an illness or lose someone close to you, you start to see things in a different light, you suddenly realise that here today gone tomorrow really is, just that,so, we start to change things

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Sometimes we are aware of these changes and other times we are not, we become calm and reflect more on our life,we acknowledge that we should enjoy all parts of our lives, even the not so gratifying parts, we see how time goes by and we are so involved in our work ,our stress our everyday chores, we begin to see how important it is to enjoy life the small details of our everyday life however normal it may seem to you,even the ones we do on remote control, we sometimes find that we are living in a kind of tunnel, and this is when we need to open up our hearts and make the most of the moment,we tend to get bogged down with our sense of responsibility which stops us from enjoying our life.

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You should from now on enjoy every second,no matter what you are doing. Finding time and energy to fight for your dreams, is not easy,but you deserve that right and only you can make that happen, however over our lives we do not have only one dream but many,so you need to sort your favourite one first, why not try,its something you have left on hold at some time,you don’t have to attain it immediately but enjoy the process,take away the barriers that held you back before, your dreams can come true if you  have the faith that they do.Some people may want to work less and socialize more, are you one of those people who do everything, home,work,children,school activities,community your list could be endless, so obviously you long for time for yourselves,what would you do if you had that time,go for drinks with friends,take a coffee and watch the world go by, take up that hobby that you have always wanted to do, well you know, only you can make this happen…..



On average most people give up 90% of what we used to do, it could be that you played the piano as a child,and always said that you would like to go back to that, if you had the time, as a child you may of felt that it was more of an obligation than fun, but as we grow older we see things in different ways, and would now take pleasure from that once obligation, as you grow older you will also notice how quickly time really does go by, when you do something like this, you have great satisfaction of doing something new,but you are also recuperating something you lost along the way. So, don’t let your life pass you by, make it happen now, make your plan and go for it, no excuses,this is totally down to you no one else can do this for you,you make the plan, you make the decision and you see it through……………………………..you can do this, you can do anything !! it’s your total right and it’s your life.  

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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