Thankful – Aware and appreciate of a benefit, grateful. Expressive of gratitude, a thankful smile. Glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists. When you are pleased or grateful for what you have.



We all have something and someone to be thankful for, Nobody never has nothing to be thankful for, we all breathe the same air, thank you air, we all move, thankyou body, we all eat, drink, smile, cry there are thousands of things, the list is never ending, and we all participate in some form or another. But, sadly lots of things and people we take for granted, it’s always been there or that way, and we do not realise how thankful we should be, this has nothing to do with material objects we are given or accquire as we go through life, our basic day to day, from clothing, to schooling, to food, when we were children were all given to us by someone, did we thank anyone along the way, maybe not, but we should, even the sunshine when we feel the rays on our bodies or the moon and stars that give us light during the night, the more thanks or gratitude that we show, the more we will receive to be thankful for, to be alive is a wonderful gift, to experience what we do and the opportunities that we are given are all to be thankful for.



We now how the perfect opportunity to show are gratitude, it’s Christmas time and we may be lucky enough to have our families with us, to share and enjoy this time of year, to share the company, the friendship, the smiles and laughter, to simply be together,with the people we love and cherish, Is this not just the moment to give our thanks.To be thankful for everyday that we have.



Brooke Universal Life Coach

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