This is the hardest truth, we all have to go through, WE DO CREATE OUR OWN REALITY !! The reason why you do not have or received what you want, this is not your fault, it is what your beliefs tell you, and as you know that is what you have to change, I do not wish to be repeating myself week after week, but it is true, and it is what people find the hardest thing to accept. We are programmed, just like the programs on a TV, that’s why they call it program/med/ing…. we take it all in and at times do not even realise, it is part of our up bringing, it is what we hear on a daily basis, it is all around us, so naturally we pick it up, and in it goes, hidden away at the back there somewhere within our brain, but, the problem is you now own it, its yours, so you have to deal with it and start a re-program, by changing your beliefs, you get a new reality ! Maybe you don’t believe this, but it is true, and has been proven many times. There is no easy way, no short cuts to be taken , you are the only one who can change your belief system, know matter what you want, by changing your beliefs, you get a different reality.


So how do you change your beliefs ? These top three strategies could help, they do work, all of them.

Mental Reprogramming, Visualization and hypnosis can reprogram your mind, it’s like clearing a black board and starting again with the beliefs you want to have.

Persistence, just push push your way into your reality, although you will be fighting yourself, this will take determination and your personal strength, you can transform your beliefs this way, eventually you will change your reality.

Passion, this is powerful, one of the strongest, passion is only known to you the power and strength depends on the individual, passion can break down any obstacle, it can remove your negative beliefs.


Now if you put these three things together, you would fly, do you know your passion ?

You can create your own reality, 

Brooke Universal Life Coach






  1. The LOA is so interesting to me. I try to think about the book “The Secret” whenever life is getting overwhelming. I know that it is me, what is in my head. Things have been stressful lately, so I have been looking for inspirational reminders about the LOA. Thank you for this. I needed to read it today 🙂

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  2. Yes passion with persistence are definitely key. Great post – thank you! In the past, I’ve let doubts and negative self talk, hold me back.. Now I keep my end goal in mind and keep pushing forward one step at a time.. x


  3. Yes, we all do live in our own little realities. Unique and Individualized realities that our brain has constructed entirely centered around you and the story your brain has told you — is you! A major part of this reality is our Long-held beliefs that we (our brain) uses as a guide reflecting by association the reality you hold. In other words, your belief’s shape your perception of the outside world and this perception then becomes your reality!

    Changing these long-held beliefs (as you’ve stated) won’t be easy. Your brain has long ago tagged them with protecting emotions. Think of how aggressively at times you defend your beliefs? Argue in their defense right or wrong? These beliefs have been embedded in your brain for so long now that right or wrong, your brain has long ago convinced you they are solid gold 100% facts.

    Yet looking down from outside the box, how feasible is it that we are right in all that we believe? Isn’t that highly Improbable? Probably Impossible? Perhaps in realizing that at least some of our belief’s are wrong or misguided and that we are merely a product of a working self-serving and very biased human brain can we even begin to attempt change. After all, reality is only what your brain tells you is reality.

    In the words of Sherlock Homes — “I am a brain Watson, the rest of me is a mere appendix.” Loved your post theutopiauniverse!

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