Only a few days left for that magical time to start, its Christmas time,yes yet again the year has gone by and Santa is back looking for the perfect chimney… do you remember as a child waiting for that magical night,it was never a problem to go to bed early and wish the night away waiting for the visit from Santa, dreaming of all the lovely things we had asked for and the excitement of finding them the following morning around the tree, such wonderful times,we were told how good we had been and that we deserved all our gifts,then we have even more fun going through this wonderful time with our children,but what we must not forget is ourselves, the same way we believed that our dreams came true then, we need to carry this through with us for the rest of our lifes,as children we did it without giving it a second thought, now we sit think meditate,visualise and find ourselves distracted by all kinds of thoughts, but surely if we did it as children,we can do it as adults,you know you can believe and now as an adult you are believing in yourself.

Christmas 2

But here is where we hit a problem, sadly as adults we doubt ourselves and truly do not believe in ourselves, how sad is that, if we could only see what we are truly worth we would not have any problems in creating our perfect life.  The fact that you are not working where you would really like to work or living where or how we want to, should not affect the way you see yourself, till this moment you have done the best you can in all the situation you have found yourself in, yes you have made mistakes,but, so does everyone else, you made a decision at that moment that was the best you could do then, but that does not mean, that you have to give up your wishes and goals in your life.  The most important factor here is that you start to value yourself for everything you are worth,and that will be alot when you really see yourself for who you are, not, what you have been lead to believe or you believe yourself at this moment in time, so make a list (my famous lists) of all your good positive points,all the things you do well this can be a great parent,you cook the best chicken in town,you have the best shine on your windows,you do great DIY,this list is not about your executive position or over flowing bank account,this is about you,your personal qualities your worth,and you need to see this as it is, not what people have lead you to believe,you need to see what you are good at and not what you are not good at. YOU already know these things,but,it will take you a while to admit them even to yourself.But this is very important for you to realise that you deserve what ever you want, and that you have the ability to obtain it, it does not matter how old you are or where you are right now, it is about believing in yourself to get you where you want to go, just as children,when you thought nothing is impossible,and this is mainly due to the fact that you had not been told at that point of all the things you should not expect in your life,not that you were a child, As we grow into adults family and society tend to bend us into what they expect from us.and how we should be as adults, this is where we lose our way in believing that we can achieve what ever we want,because we then start to please others and not ourselves so much. This is no way placing the blame on family and society, they did what they thought best,so my Christmas wish to you is that you see how wonderful and worthy you are and you make your Christmas wish with all the belief of your childhood and then just sit back and wait for the Christmas magic to work.


christmas spirit 5

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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