Christmas, Christmas ……..yes its that time of year again, most of you will be wondering where this year has gone, I know I am, time just goes, so fast, some say it has to do with your age, when you want it to go fast and grow up…. it goes so slow, but when you get there it flies by and leaves you wondering where time has gone, but,Christmas for some reason brings that home even more,even more than birthdays…..which I dont have anymore !!!! that could be the reason why…………………………………………………………….

prepare for christmas 3

Christmas for some is a great happy party time, when families and loved ones come together to celebrate,they share their time, love and gifts…and can be really magical when children are among us, its a great time for them, full of imagination and wishes, there dreams come true, there Christmas letter to Santa arrived safe and sound and they know he received it, sneaked down the chimney, eat his mince pie and glass of milk and his companions on this special night even eat the carrots that were left, how wonderful that time was, great memories are made from all this. However for some of us it can be the most anxious and stressful time, we worry about pleasing everyone,we panic over the meal we maybe preparing, it all becomes very “too much” for some of us, then we also have to deal with our emotions, some people find Christmas a very emotional time,we see our children act out the Christmas Nativity, there first solo Christmas Carol, there excitement that can be seen in their eyes, usually as big as saucers or it could be the classic Christmas films,which, we watch year after year, knowing every word and scene,yet still find ourselves emotional, its just that time of the year,and some of us need to face a Christmas for the first time of that special person who is missing,whatever your reason you need a plan to get yourself through this if you know you are a natural emotional person,you need to visualise your Christmas, time and time again until you feel strong enough for the real thing, we cannot change anything.

christmas spirit 2

So we need to accept as much as we can, the acceptance of our emotions is a big job, but one we must do,to help ourselves feel good and those around us, some can be so sensitive just listening to Christmas songs which brings those emotions to the surface, you must let them surface,keeping them tightly inside will only do you more harm,to feel your emotions and let them surface and overflow will set you free, you will feel instant relief and your acceptance will be made easier, main core emotions will never leave us forever but we can learn to handle our memories and emotions in a better way, the pain is not so intense, the emotions can then be felt in a more fond memories way. If you can share your thoughts with someone that will help, but if you find that difficult a good talk to yourself is always a comfort and self therapy. Prepare yourself for Christmas, take everything in your stride and enjoy yourself and the people around you.   Merry Christmas to everyone.



Brooke Universal Life Coach



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  2. Emotions do fly high for me at Christmas and I try to manage them more in fear I will feel a letdown when the holiday highs end. January can be cruel if you allow it.

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