At Christmas time with family and friends getting together, what happens when our heart takes control ? our emotion’s take front court, do we know how to handle these emotion’s, we all have emotion’s but Christmas time always seems to give a little extra tug at our hearts, we watch the films, we hear our family and friends, we remember Christmas time gone by, at times with sadness and at times with joy.

Christmas feelings

Don’t control the way you feel, we need to make the most of all of our emotion’s,we need to know that there is no good or bad,positive or negative, this is why we should not try to control or hold back our emotion’s we should however learn how to act with them in a better way. What we feel inside, happens for a special reason, of course we all prefer an up than a down,but each emotion has its why and what for, Joy,fear,sadness,rage are the four basic emotion’s we have inside. When they appear it’s a sign from our interior that something is happening and how we should act. At times we try to pretend that they do not exist and attempt to ignore them, but in the end we usually have to deal with them,if we recognise our emotion’s it’s the first step to enable us to start the learning process of how to deal with them and act for ourselves and those around us. Although we all know are selves well it does not make it any easier to resolve this, this is why we can obtain help through professional’s,books, courses that are available to us, the secret is to take note of what you really feel and not what you think could be your opinion.These emotion’s usually come in two’s, rage & fear, joy & fear etc., Joy is an emotion that is usually shared  and allows us to reach out to others, you can sometimes see it in sensuality, kindness, rage is also directed outwards, which we use to direct  away from us the things that we do not want in our life, if we use it the right way it can help to see what is right and wrong for us,but only if used the right way. Fear is felt inside, it is an interior emotion, that at times show us our capacity to confront situation’s, however this has to be done from a place of calm and not panic. Sadness is also an interior emotion, it makes us reflect and is mostly associated with the past, it’s associated with people that we no longer have in our lives, things of the past can also be resolved with sadness, when we realise that we need to go forward, we can learn from sadness if we have help and let others in, share is a wonderful word and can help us to get through our periods of sadness. Look at how you handle these emotions but don’t judge or criticize yourself, see how you feel and how you act in your moments of fear, joy,rage and sadness and search for what is the best for you in each situation. Our emotions are how we function, it’s what we are,we are not machines and we need to know ourselves how we work and relate to people and situations, nobody know’s you better than yourself, we are all unique and all have unique things to offer ourselves and other’s.


Brooke Universal Life Coach



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