Take advantage of the next full moon, be prepared, the energy that radiates from a full moon with totally amplify whatever you are feeling at that time, usual things happen when there is a full moon,from crime to passion and even the odd wolf!!!!!

being 60 3

It’s true it can totally throw your life into a whirl wind or intensify your positive thoughts and emotions. If you are feeling down angry not happy with the world at all, you will probably get even more down, with the help of the moon, or in reverse if you are really happy your happiness can escalate to unbelievable heights. So you really need to prepare for the next full moon, be calm, peaceful,well-balanced and take advantage of the full potential of the positivity you can receive, this is a perfect time to recycle your body and thoughts and to get into direct contact with nature and your emotions. It is a time to release all the unwanted weight you are carrying and to let go of things that take valuable space in your mind, that should be set free and discarded. It’s time to wish upon your lucky “MOON” and take all that positivity with you, on your way.

miracle tree

An ideal situation would be to sit, on grass,a beach, a place you feel at peace, barefoot with your feet firmly touching the floor, breath in deep and long, drawing into you all the energy that is pouring down on you from the moon, breath out and release all you wish to dispose of, breath deep again taking in all the power being offered to you,the powerful light pouring from the universe just for you. As you continue breathing in and out, you will feel everything wash away, making room for new ideas and happiness, the stress and sadness will go, the power of positivity will overflow. The full moon will leave you peaceful, balanced and energetic.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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