Do you really belief what you deserve ? I think this has to be the hardest factor, we can visualise, we can dream, we can work hard, but do we truly belief ? 100% ……….. if we were perfectly honest, this is the question we would most struggle with, with hand on heart, so why is this ? we have been through the knowing of what we want, sometimes we have to dig deep, but, deep down we all know what we want, it may take a little time to admit it, to ourselves,but, we know, now, the big part, do we truly believe we deserve that want, whether it is money, love, career………or even just a peaceful life, we will nearly always come up with some excuse as to why we don’t deserve……………….

self belief mind

How stupid is that, we are continually blocking ourselves, we are making ourselves unhappy, while all day long we are trying to help others happy, through our actions and words, so why not ourselves ? You need to see how to accept all you want for yourself as well, if you are not happy or satisfied with your lot, how can you make others happy, but you know we do, we manage to help others, imagine if you were 100%, how much more you could help others how much more encouragement we could give, help, guidance, love,would that not make you feel more than good ! Although we already feel content with our actions to others, we could be elevated to a place you never knew existed, all by simply believing in what we deserve, it sounds so easy, and you know you deserve that elevation. So how do we obtain our elevation ?

Believe in yourself

Affirm to yourself then think what you are thinking at that time, write it down,see it clearly, don’t block yourself with the opinions of others that you have taken as the truth, your magic inside of you will help you to see the real truth…. you hold all the answers you need,you are here to receive everything you believe is for you, you deserve all those things,no matter what that may be. There is no room for negative thoughts in this elevation we are working towards so it is time to take the first steps of our new beliefs ,it is very important at all times to confirm to yourself that you are worth and deserve everything, accept this fact,love yourself and allow these new experiences into your life, don’t close the door on them, open it wide and enjoy your new way of life. This will help you on your way to believing in what you deserve,remember how you can help others when you are totally clear on what you deserve, your life will be better ,so when you doubt your beliefs in yourself, remember you deserve that better life, it is yours, it is your right and only you can make it happen.

happiness 4

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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