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Are you afraid of those door’s opening, or , are you READY ?

We all wait for the big moment, but do we always see it, and are we brave enough to cross the threshold, to take a leap of faith…………………………in ourselves ?    Yes, it’s one of those, the responsability is yours and yours alone, that’s what goes with taking control of your life, everything is down to you. This is a very positive point and a wonderful moment in your life, as much of our life is not controlled by us, and are lived to please other’s , until we make that big decision to take our life back and to control and design our life, how we want it to be……Not everyone is capable of this, it takes strength, will power, desire and passion for what we want to take the step of being your own master, to guide yourself to your life of design and not default.

“Don’t stress about the closed doors behind you, Now doors are opening if you keep moving foward “ 

You have set your intention and you know exactly where you want to go, you wish to live the life you truly deserve, and you believe you can obtain this, that nothing is impossible, you see it in your mind time and time again, each time seeing more and more detail, it is so real you feel it is already yours, then the moment arrives your golden opportunity, has been aligned between yourself and the universe, are you ready…….. ? You understand the Law of Attraction and have given gratitude during the experiences you have gone through, as this is now your way of life, you have formed a habit, which is speeding you on your way, you see the signs that are sent to you directing you in the right direction they come to you in a comfortable form,and you see them and recognise them as they appear in your way, it is very important to act when you are working with the universe, the universe only ever want’s the best for you, and for what you have requested. (This is why you must know what you want) You must always be open to what is coming your way, and to be prepared for that “open door” is to feel calm, have inner peace, when the mind is at peace, you will feel the energy, the inspiration and creativity you need to obtain the success you wish. When the mind is confused agitated or just plain full of things it should not be, you are in TENSION and you will never go through your open door feeling that way, when you feel this way it is also a sign telling you to sit breath deep calm down and rest, sleep and recuperate, when you take notice of these signs, you are in tune and aligned, just calm down, take in what is being sent to you and act accordingly, sleep the hours you need and sleep well, meditate and find your inner peace once again, ready to continue your journey and cross the threshold of your open door. 

” Today, I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in my life “



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this great reminder that we are the choices we make in life. It is always good to forget the closed doors and move on with life. Giving hope a chance while working hard to live our dreams. This is my musings always, to not stare too long at the closed doors and forget to see that a new door has been opened for us. Today is a day to make a change. Blessings to you. 🙂


    • Thank you for expressing your view and giving time to my blog, I wish for all the doors to open for you, as I am sure they will. Today, tomorrow and always, have an unforgetable day ….


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