If you feel that you are being held back, but just can’t put your finger on it, maybe I can open your eyes, Do we truly value ourselves? In general I would say no,but through no fault of our own, when we come into this world we think we are entitled to everything we want, and you we were right, but society decided to put a twist on that, not in a bad sense, it happens everyday and we all fall for it, we start to get a NO very early in life,from people who love us, and our teaching us to value things in life, to appreciate what we have etc., but what happens to some of us in this process, is we change our brain chip, from we can have everything to do I deserve this, and we start to see things from the wrong angle, and this in turn can take our receiving level down to zero, we start to question our own personal worth, do you ever ask yourself, am I appreciated or under valued

self worth 1

Why do people talk about me and feel bad, why do I feel uncomfortable when someone pays something for you and why do we not ask for help.  The reason will be your thoughts and are all related to your opinion on your lack of worthiness, usually events from our past. We find it hard to accept compliments,(because we don’t feel worthy) We feel uncomfortable when we are paid (because we don’t feel worthy) Devastation when people talk about us (because we don’t feel worthy) etc.,  

how well do you know yourself 1

                                         Does this sound or feel familiar, the reason for this, is due to the way we feel and see ourselves, it’s because we are incapable of “receiving” no more no less, the compliments make us feel uncomfortable, because we don’t feel good in any way about ourselves, when people talk and we feel devastated , it’s because we feel everyone is out to get us, to feel uncomfortable about being paid, we feel do I really deserve this amount. When we have these reactions it’s because we think and analyse everything, we work hard or harder to feel if we are worth it, On many occasions the kind of people who feel worthless, can also be people who always put others first, if you value them, you MUST value yourself. When you have a difficulty in “receiving” you are afraid to open your heart and let the good in, with no questions asked regarding yourself, you don’t feel safe enough to step up and step out, to “receive” a compliment is a lovely thing, to accept just as it comes, not ponder on the question of what do they want in return,the same if you need help it does not have to have a price tag on it, everyone is old enough  to know when you really are face to face with this kind of person, there are people who do nothing for nothing, we cannot change the human race, but we can value ourselves and “receive” what life has to offer us, because it is our right to have what we want in life, When we are overcome with terrible feelings of favours,a price to be paid and can’t receive with comfort, this is all due to things in the past, and we all have to learn to let go…..over the years they can become very heavy and we have no reason to carry that load, let it go, no matter what it is, it is no longer important, you are not affecting anyone else except yourself, you should be loving and caring for yourself first, you can then love and care for others,when you support yourself first, you can then support others,when something is always in front of you ,your dreams can never happen, release your past and welcome and receive your future…………Clear everything away, have a spring clean out and move forward,life is always about moving forward,we cannot go backwards its impossible,we can’t reverse the aging process, we can’t remove past relationships, or past memories, yesterday is already in the past,make the most of tomorrow.

When you allow yourself to receive you feel the love and support around you, let it in , feel worthy and be happy

the way you treat yourself

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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