image anything is possible in love

When in love, you have to believe that anything is impossible, we do crazy things and don’t  even think, we just jump in feet first, no fear, no second thoughts we just operate on impluse, it’s as if we become hipnotised by the sun, moon and stars, and a life of passion takes over. We join the roller coaster of life, it’s great to be alive, and all our senses are activated, some just drop of the planet for a while.

When love takes over, it is the happiest time of our life, our emotions run high and our vibration (frequency) is probably at our highest ever, and everything we do and touch seems to magically turn to gold, the world is your oyster and anything is possible.

positive love 3


Whether it is fair or not, women may have various experiences of this, as children come into their lives, men experience profound love for their children, I have no doubts about this but, giving life to another human beings is quite a sensation which forms a bond like no other, even without the childbirth women feel this bond, this is probaly due to the maternal instinct that most women have, this obviously is a different kind of love, a truly unconditional one , which is very different for the love you feel for your partner, if people really understood this different type of love, maybe many partnerships would whether the storm, with a better outcome. Love and passion can easily bring on a form of jealousy, and come between a couple. (But that is another post!)

So, over the years, how do you keep this all time high going, not an easy task I promise you, but not impossible either, we all know that after a period of time, our relationship will go to another level, but this does not mean the love is less, life tends to get in the way and we take on obligations that we want, but, it changes things a little, (or a lot) however, if we are conscious of this and know in our hearts that you are truly with the love of your life,it is down to both parties to feed this relationship, a flower without water will die, and we are no different, we need to know we are loved, with need kindness in our life, we need consideration and to be treated as an equal, we need help at times of sadness and to be understood what are everyday life is all about, communication is very important, if you think back during the beginning of your relationship you probaly talked till dawn !! Don’t ever make the mistake of stopping the communication, take time out for this if necessary, even make a date night, it can be fun, time just for yourselves no family or friends, just a good old fashioned date night to reconnect or simply keep connected as you have always been, If a date night is not possible a lunch is fine, the question is private time, just for the two of you. 

love 6


This also gets those vibrations (frequencies) back soaring through the roof, and if one or two of your dreams seem to have floated away, it’s a great way to have another try, don’t ever give up, (see my post Frequencies, what frequencies- 20/01/2016) because when you are happy, anything is possible in LOVE.

love 5

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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