Emotions…… We all have emotion’s, good,bad and indifferent !! but have you ever stopped to think of how your emotions or that of others affect our everyday lives. If you think of a bad cold and your work place, by the end of the day nearly everyone will have that cold or symptoms of it…. it’s a germ,virus, a thing that contaminates all around, and our emotions are very similar, we can contaminate others in the same way, we may start our day fine,balanced and fairly happy with the world, and our emotions (our energy) vibrates good feelings to all around us.emotions 103

THEN we may be unfortunate to go into hostile territory…….. a contaminated zone, and all this will affect us,and that emotion will stick to us, just like the cold, we are told to mix with people like ourselves, but this is impossible, we do not choose who works with us (unless of course, you are the boss, and choose as you please) in your work surroundings you could be in a very contaminated zone, full of emotions you do not want to catch, this can range from anger, frustration,depression,sadness, fear anxiety and many more, if you are in this environment you will catch a part of this if not all, it could even be a family member ,a friend  that is with you all the time, so how do you escape this with  great difficulty or a strong worked mind., that will keep your emotions, energy vibrating on the right sequence.

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To stay away would be a perfect solution but we do not live in a perfect world and is not always possible, if you can, take that route and remove these people from your life as soon as you can, on the other hand if you have one of the situations when the emotions of others (negativity) cannot be removed, you have to train your mind to be strong and reflect their emotions as much as possible, if you can imagine an invisible barrier, your stop barrier where nothing gets passed, that returns those emotions back to the person with a positive thought for them, it is difficult at first,but once you train yourself to do this, you will do  it automatically, if a stone came flowing through the air towards you, you would duck automatically, because your mind tells you to duck it is a natural reaction, but believe it or not, you had to learn to have that reaction and this is exactly the same, practise makes perfect, many people have a profession where emotions are part of their everyday life, but a doctor does not go home with an illness everyday, a residence worker does not go home old and with aching bones, they learn to cope with the emotions of others using their invisible barrier, they have compassion and understanding and help where they can, but control the infection of emotions from another person. Work on your barrier and protect your emotions………..Be Happy

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Brooke Universal Life Coach




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