facebook fab 1Is consideration in your life, explained as careful thought considering others, do people give you consideration, do you give consideration to others, something that should always be present in decision-making and making evaluation’s on facts etc., something that should always be kept in mind and that of others, thoughtful or sympathetic regard or respect for others, and for yourself, an opinion based on reflection,consideration is necessary in our lives everyday, it is as important to give as to receive, we all need to be considered on any scale, the decisions of others affect us in many ways, good and bad whether it be a work or social area, couples also need to consider all points of view, not just from one side, if an important change is made in your working environment directly affecting you, the consideration taken when expressed to you will maybe help you to understand the reasons behind it, although it may not be what you wish to hear, you will always respond better, if you are receiving or giving,  if consideration is within the equation. Consideration is also a form of love, therefore a very important thing which should not be missing in your life………

your kindness 3

             Kindness is the other emotion we should all have in our lives, again it is as important to give as to receive, it is a behaviour marked by characteristics, it shows a pleasant disposition, and shows concern for others, it is known as a virtue and recognized as a value, it is defined as helpfulness towards someone in need,NOT in return for anything OR the advantage of the helper themselves, but simply for that of the person helped. We receive kindness from the day we are born and as we grow we learn to give kindness, some are born with it and will give kindness all their life, we appreciate kindness in all different walks of our life, when we are served in restaurants, supermarkets,clothes stores etc., if it is done with kindness and consideration we feel  good and appreciate it, we return to that place, in the same way that we gravitate to people who are kind to us, we all have our special places to go and to shop, we sometimes go out of our way to obtain something because we know we will be attended with kindness, also a form of love and should be ever-present in our lives.

Brooke Universal Coach



3 Comments on “TWO THINGS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE…………………

  1. Hola,
    Que bueno ! Me gusta ! cuando tenemos estos valores devemos entendernos ….
    Todos requerimos amor.
    Hasta pronto


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