Can you remember when you were influenced by a person, that completely changed the course of your life, I am of course referring here to positive changes, when at times life is not going the way we had expected and a sentence, an action of someone else completely changed your life around you

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It can come from someone we know and are offering true heart felt help, or maybe a conversation you over hear that makes you stop and think, the result being you change your decision on a certain matter which totally changes the direction of your life. Do you remember that moment, the person or have you totally forgotten about that moment or person, who you should remember for ever and ever

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It or they changed your life….. sometimes we don’t remember these moments until years later, it’s when you look back and things seem to fit together,our parents are sometimes that person, but sadly they are not given credit until years later when we realise that the advice they offered at the time, was probably the best advice we could ever have been given, if we did’nt act then it’s never to late, change can happen at any time, in any situation, age or place, never be afraid of change, we have covered this topic many times, we also obtain good advice from our work place, a senior colleague or boss can at times be a mind of wonderful information that at times due to our age, let it float right over our heads, never let it escape,if you don’t agree or see the reason at that time, hold it in your head, because it is most probable that later it will be of use to you and you will understand much better than before.

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Times and trends have changed which at times we laugh of on how things were done,but good old fashion advice really never changes, so remember the advice your parents or grandparents gave you, because they will serve you now as they would of then, and more than anything remember them with love and a happy heart, they were given from the heart for your good, and if one part of advice has changed your life,be that person who will be remembered for ever and pass it on, and help others to change there life for a happy future.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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