For those of us who are lucky enough to be with or loved by our families are truly fortunate people,but do we realise this ? Have you ever taken time to think about our loved ones or do we take them for granted without even being aware of it, we can do this so easily as we go about our busy life, we know that they are always there and we fall into the trap,WE take them for granted.

family love 1

Take a little time out, and think of the people around you,think of all the things they do for you,this does not have to be an eight hour shift,it could be that they always listen when you call,it could be they resolve your problems,your shoulder to cry on,or you just know they are always there for you,so it would be a very small price to pay to let them know you are there for them,love is a strange thing it comes in many shapes and sizes,and from many different people,grandparents,parents,children,aunts,uncles brothers sisters and even our in laws  we all have a special connection  of some form. It is so important that we don’t forget our loved one’s they all play or have played an important role in our life at some point,children grow and become wonderful adult people but they have been very loved by parents,grandparents etc., they form their own families with children of their own and new responsibilities but we all started in the same place,to have family values is a wonderful gift which is passed on and down the line,the same process starts all over again,but we must never forget the people further down the line,because they will surely love you as they did at the begining of the process,and you will do the same,would you want to be forgotten or taken for granted,when we look at the situation this way we see things more clearly,and understand how important love is in our life, even if you are miles away from your loved one’s it doe’s not mean the process stops,we are loved and can love exactly the same,love is not tangible,it’s a emotion, a feeling which we can feel over any distance or obstacle,the most important is that we feel loved,and to give love. So give yourself and the people you care for a special gift, the gift of love………………………………………… is a many splendid thing !

family love 2


Brooke Universal Life Coach

2 Comments on “FAMILY LOVE

  1. Très jolie ! L’Amour a pas d’age, pas de distance,pas de couleur, pas de sexe … c’est un sentiment très fort qui fait le moteur de notre vie, vivre c’est une chose , se sentir vivre en ai une autre ! Il est difficile de dire Je T’Aime parfois , mais il y a tellement de façon de le montrer……


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