What would you do if you had one extra hour a day ,would you read, talk with friends, take a lazy coffee look after yourself ,it is a proven fact that if we gave ourselves one hour a day,we could be healthier and clearer of mind.

time goes by

Sixty wonderful minutes just for us,we could take a long and pretty walk,on the beach, through the woods, a country lane, by the riverbank. Time to disconnect,relax and reflect on whatever we wished, we could meet with friends and converse.

coffee time 2


Or maybe listen to music what a wonderful thought,could we find that hour some time during our day,maybe a short siesta without looking at the clock ,or visit the art gallery and enjoy the silence and beauty,soak in the bath,meditate,light exercise or maybe it’s just a simple preparation of a evening meal with inner peace and a little touch of love whatever your choice,make it your time to enjoy or in the company of the one’s you love to be with……………….

time to think 1


Brooke Universal Life Coach






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