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“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love, It will all come back to you in abundance “

This is the Law of nature…………….

Why do we look for happiness, when we hold the key right in the palm of our hands, maybe many will disagree with me, but it is true, we search and search, but it is not for happiness, we expect other’s to bring this happiness into our life. This will never happen,we have to know the happiness within us to be able to build on that. This is our own happiness, that we must establish for ourselves. Other’s can bring us moments of happiness, but true happiness, the base line where we build on our happiness only falls on us, we are responsable to create this, without this the moments of happiness we encounter on our journey through life will always fall like a pack of cards.It’s like building a house with the roof first, we all know the foundation’s are the most important, and we are no different. 

To be happy you must be your own sunshine, love ,(you must love yourself) you need to enjoy the little things that life offers you, look at the big picture and do everything with a sense of purpose, you need to complain less and appreciate more, watch less and do more, judge less and accept more, talk less and listen more, frown less an SMILE more, think less and feel more these are all things that our foundation of happiness needs. When we realise all these things we change our inner being, it becomes a nice place to be, we are at peace and are happy being there, this is when are external moments of happiness arrive, we can then build on them and they will become more solid,and become a premanent fixture in our life.Happiness is first to be found within ourselves when we are happy, everything else is cream on the cake !!!

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Brooke Universal Life Coach



  1. We just need to stop being greedy and just be satisfied. This is on point, we really make our own happiness 😊


  2. It’s so simple isn’t it and yet we make it so complicated? Just look inside, you don’t have to go anywhere to find happiness!! Wonderful post. I found you over at Danny’s Meet & Greet, so nice to visit and meet you! 🙂


  3. Great post! Agree! The Quest for Happiness is what every single one of us is looking for. I spent some time looking into this and I wrote a book about it ‘ This is Your Quest – Your Mission: To experience Happiness along the way ” – and on the subject of love I wrote an article a while ago about titled “8 Flavors of Love9According to the Greeks) – Which once are you?” Feel free to check it out!

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