When we hear that has a person has been born with a gift,a real natural gift, we automatically think of the greats,Einstein,Mozart,Dali,there are thousands we could mention, but did you know that we really could extend that list by billons, as we all have a gift, but sadly most of us are not aware of this, have never looked for it, or simply think we are just normal, which is great, but we do all have a gift, we just need to dig a little, expose it and bring out to the maximum.

einstein quote

Life is a gift, our minds are a gift, the people that share are lives are a gift, you know we sometimes feel totally beaten in some way or another,whether it be physical or emotional, but we find our way out, life has given us a great opportunity to learn something new,to transform our lives to see how things work within and around us,that very opportunity is a form of a gift.

We all hold a gift,it is the essence of your being, we all have a purpose in life, but we need to find the way to express that,discover it and take action on it, if we allow ourselves to do that we will flourish in happiness,personal growth,freedom maybe power and inconditional love. 

purpose 3a

You will find through your life that different things call your attention, this could be in form of a hobby,career, etc., this could be your gift, what is the reason behind your interest,is it strong enough for you to look further to really get down and in to it, as a real passion, and bring good to yourself and others, by passing on what you learn and enjoy, by sharing with others your experience and knowledge, it will vary from person to person, the other kind of gift, could be something you have always wanted to do, and for different reasons you have always taken it of your list, maybe one day you say to yourself, well that day must come, for you to have your personal growth and satisfaction you have to bring that day to be, and when you do that and experience for yourself, this wonderful gift you hold inside, to be able to release that gift from within, you make the decision and take the action to make it happen. It is a universal law that you have a right to have what you want in your life, you have a right to discover your gift,you have the right to be a free person, you have the right to everything your heart desires,you have the right to start your search,you have the right to be brave and acknowledge what you want.

you and personal growth 2

Sometimes the first thing we need to do to able us to start this search, is a simple word, permission, it may sound strange,but we hold back from many things in our life simply because we do not give ourselves the permission to do so, we put others first, it might be our family, our friends, our eveyday situation, so, as we have properly been taught to do we put things on the back burner for ourselves and keep going, you must give yourself permission to realise your dreams, to love yourself, to feel well, and to forgive ourselves for anything you may carry with you from the past and most importantly you must give yourself permission to start again, give yourself a new beginning………………………………………………………………………your new life starts here and starts now, give yourself this gift to enable you to find yours.



Brooke Universal Life Coach






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