Have you ever thought that we actually learn something very positive from all the mistakes we make,something positive will always come from a mistake,if it is only never to do it again !!!!

Children make mistakes all the time,but we know that by doing so,they will learn,they even make the same mistake time and time again,as adults we are the same,and if we don’t make these mistakes we would never learn,we would never grow as individual’s .  


mistakes 1                                                           

One of the most important things about our mistakes, is that we take responsibility for it ,if we assume our responsibility ,we will then not blame someone else,at times it is easier to place the blame on another person but,when we do this we learn nothing from that mistake,we have simply passed it on,so you would be tempted to do that time and time again,the sooner we accept our mistake the quicker we will learn, how to avoid a repeat performance,when we are confronted with a situation where a mistake could be made,we should look upon this as little tests that life puts in our way,as we learn we grow in wisdom,maturity,and personal growth.,we will also avoid attracting that same mistake back into our life.

mistakes 8


Most mistakes we make comes with some form of suffering and pain,and even if we pass the responsability to some one else we cannot transfer the suffering and pain,this can only be removed when we truly learn from our mistakes, as humans we will always make mistakes,that is part of life,but also is the learning process.

If you have a mistake in your life,that still causes you pain,that you feel bad about now is your time to free yourself,to put it behind you and move forward,you need to ask yourself,What did I learn from the mistake ? What are the good things that came out of the mistake ? There are always many good things that come out of it and can alter your future for the better,                                    

Think about it,through one mistake you have the inner power to bring about great things in your life!


Brooke Universal Life Coach





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