Thank you for your response, to my post of yesterday, I did receive various mails, and most seemed to focus on the value of friendship, again we all value in different ways, on how we see and measure this value.



Do they or you value on the fact, that they are always there, no matter what, are you or they great listeners, do you or they give great advice and let you or they express what you or they feel, these friends sure do have a value, they do not fit you into a calendar,they let you speak, express what you feel inside, and respect what you have to say.



This quote is so true, when you have a friend after this type of experience, hang on tight, because you really do have a friend, sadly many friends abandon the ship when big things happen. The positive side to this, you found out, you may feel a little to late, but, “Better late than never” you can learn what to look for in your next important friendship, we must always learn from experiences in our life, there are no bad experiences if we take something away from it, in the form of knowledge it helps us with our personal growth and awareness.


Friendship and value, add value to your life everyday !


  1. Que tema grande ! Claro que hay diferente amistad… Un Amistad Autentica es….. Respecto, confianza plena, comprension, apoyo, complicidad, es…….. y todo réciprocamente, y en qualque situaciónes y momentos, por el bueno como el malo . Es tanto grande… Ce dice que de l’amistad a el amor hay un paso ……….


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