Yes , another fiesta, but this is not just local, this is all over Spain and Spanish speaking countries…………….


Hispanic Day, marks the anniversary of the date that Christopher Columbus first set foot in the America’s.


This is a well known statue of Columbus, near to the Port of Barcelona.

Today the king of Spain supervises the raising of the national flag in the center of Madrid, he and the Prime Minister head a Military parade, this parade will include representatives from most of Spain’s military units and various vehicles. Armed forces planes perform aerobaticcs above the parade and display yellow and red smoke to represent the Spanish flag.



According to the Julian calendar, Columbus set sail from the port of “Palos de la Frontera” in south west Spain on August 3rd 1492. He landed on an Island, now known as the Bahamas, Day of the Cultures in Costa Rica, Day of the Race in Argentina, Chile & Mexico and the Day of Indigenous Resistance in Venezuela. The second Monday of October is Columbus Day in the United States. 

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