We are always talking about us as people being positive,which is very important,but, there are certain plants and herbs that placed around you can also bring positivity into your home.

This can be in your home,the place you most feel yourself,where you guard your memories,experiences,the harmony within your home is as important as your personal harmony.



Cinnamon – Feeds passion, in oil or stick form, oil is used for purifying, place it in a sunny part of your home and in incense form and let the fragrance flow through your home.

Mint – the perfect plant to bring abundance,health,family and harmony between partners,it’s also good to place a few leaves in your purse, a good way to bring positivity into your home is to place a few leaves into a spray bottle with water and spray around your home.

Dried flowers – Dried flowers will do away with tensions between family members ,this can also be in the form of popurri in various little dishes throughout your home,a little lavender,nut shells,orange and lemon skins,a laurel leaf and a little pine and add a little lavender oil into the bowl,place in the main rooms where your family spends most of their time.




Basil – This is a great herb to collect all the negative energy that is around your home,also a great gift for a new home or office,it should be placed in an important place of your home and is also good in a bedroom if you have a sick family member,it will collect all the negative energy in and around the place.


Seeds – To attract prosperity into your home take a glass bottle or vase (but you must be able to close it with a cork ) place varied seeds,this is a symbol of growth,the best time to do this is when we have a full moon,save a good place on a shelf,window or table and use as decoracion.

Cactus – this is excellent to protect your home from unwanted visitors,place this on your terrace or front entrance to absorb negative energy,this plant also works well near your computer, making way for good positive energy.



So, remember when keeping yourself with a positive mind, include your surroundings and be positive,positive and positive,we have no space for negative energy in our lives.

Brooke Smitham Universal Life Coach





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