dia-de-valencia-1Today, we have a fiesta which dates back to 1238, celebrating the conquest of Valencia, by Jaime 1. 


With this conquest he formed the Realm of Valencia, which to this very day is still the capital of the Province of Valencia.

This Fiesta has been a tradition since XIV, introduced by Jaime II of Aragon, and has been an official fiesta day since 1976 for all valencianos to share.

This fiesta today, changes a little from town to town, but most of them have a general day of great fun and try to include everyone, the morning is usually dedicated to the children, a marathon is held with special T Shirts made for the occasion !






Once the marathon is over, everyone takes to the streets, it’s Paella Day, family, friends local groups and clubs gather together in the street, all making their Paella in the open air, streets are closed and little fires are set and started for the preparation of this great dish, chairs and tables are placed in the street, and everyone join’s in, there are many different kinds of Paella and they are all seen on this day………..






And of course, what great Spanish Fiesta would be complete with out !!


Desserts in every colour and size.

Every town and village within the province today will be celebrating, the whole family will be in the street, enjoying this day, the air is filled with the smell of wood burning little fires, meat, shellfish and of course we must not forget the Sangria !!

Hope your day is as great as it has been here. (The weather has perfect, but rain is on its way, possible for this evening ! ) The summer has to end at some time ……………………………………………………………


Brooke Universal Life Coach




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