One of the most beautiful things you can wear is your confidence, and it is being discovered that this wonderful thing,is that self image has improved by women and men with age…

When we were younger we probably were very conscious of our bodies and how we appeared,but as you grow a little older, you get to know your body well and what is good for you and what is not, our imperfections are still therebut we consider them in a different way, as we mature some of those things change, what other people think take second place to what you think, we also find how hard our body works for us, and appreciate the challenges it can overcome, we should be so proud of our bodies , and always remember, what seems impossible is very often possible…..

At times, due to illness or life our body can change, and you start to think that you will never be attractive again, you have to go beyond that, and start to love yourself for who you are, never have self doubt, you are strong and vibrant and everything a women should be, how you feel in your mind will help you over this obstacle. You should be confident about your appearance, sociable and bubbly, be proud of your new shape and curves, you can always make them work for you, revel in your sexuality and love your body. You need to look your sexiness square in the face, you need to look in the mirror and realise you like your physique that has appeared. Have confidence in what you see and how you feel.

When we realise how precious our life is to us and those around us, we start to appreciate more how we look and we become happy and content with this new vision, the more you wrestle with your body image the more you will suffer, remember to always embrace your imperfections. you will start to recognise an inner strength forming inside of you, this strength will take you towards your dreams and goals and when you finally make a shift in your mindset and realise your beauty and worth . Do not let negativity define you, remember you are all woman, all of you, you are open and embrace your femininity, your flaws can help you to survive, they are yours and you own them …..when you look in the mirror, put on your confidence and smile

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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